Yangon, Myanmar

YGN Walls, an ongoing project in Yangon’s alleys led by Delphone de Lorme, marks a collaboration with the local artist community in transforming the streets of Yanon into creative hubs for artwork.

Murals have played a big role in cleaning up alleys that used to be trash dumping grounds, using art to revitalise the areas with the help of social enterprise Doh Eain and their Alley Garden projects. Now YGN Walls artists splash their illustrations on the walls of the 35th Street Alley near Bogyoke and the 41st street upper block into a vibrant open air art gallery.

The YGN Walls team believes that street art can play a positive role in urban regeneration with its cultural and lively vibrancy. Along with an expression of strong community ideals, this encourage a successful dialogue between the city, the people, architecture and art. So far, neighbourhoods have been supportive upon seeing how murals clean up and beautify neglected spaces.

Meanwhile, the YGN Walls collective also opened an Atelier to showcase its first collection  of paintings, illustrations and photographs emphasising street art. Do visit them on 41st Street upper block, near the Secretariat building. Now give yourself new routes and wander through the atmospheric colonial streets of downtown Yangon.