Da Nang, Vietnam

In the world of creative bridge designs, Da Nang becomes the latest destination for unusual architecture. In a surrounding of lush greenery, giant stone hands hold up a bridge upwards to the sky. Cau Vang (meaning “gold bridge”) just opened near Da Nang adding to the list of attractions to Vietnam. Cau Vang bridge in Vietnam’s Ba Na Hills has drawn the attention of tourists since it opened in June 2018 and the walkway sits at over 1,000 metres (3,280 feet) above sea level.

The bridge seems to float in the air with the pair of giant hands holding it up. Pedestrians can visit eight sections of the bridge that stretches 500 feet long. While it’s easy to be awe-struck with the sheer enormity of the hands, visitors will also enjoy the sight of purple chrysanthemums all in a row leading to views of the Trường Sơn Mountains.