The Projector is an independent cinema resulting from a collaboration of design professionals who renovated two iconic theatre halls. House in the historic Golden Theatre, the Project is known for its niche selection of award-winning alternative films and a venue for unique events. The art house consists of “The Green Room,” a hall with 230 seats. “The RedRum” – inspired by the goose-bumps-causing line from Stanley Kubrik’s movie “The Shining,” a casula lounge for events and private screening room, and the foyer café. Differentiating itself from other mainstream cinemas in Singapore, the Projector provides a clean, minimalist, and playful design together with vintage charms like original flip-up theatre seats and wooden armrests. It aims to bring back the old way of going to the movies; along with cultural events and inspiring experiences. Several upcoming movie festivals include the Swedish Film Festival 2018, held for the 3rd consecutive year, and the Polish Film Festival 2018, to be held for the first time. Both events will take place in April