Lovers of traditional and even antique textiles are in for a treat in Vientiane, as the Lao Textile Museum is one of the many must-see attractions. Located just a little outside of the capital, the Lao Textile Museum is a labour of love from the Sisane Family. It began as a private collection whose inventory turned into the remarkable Lao Cultural Centre showcasing Lao traditional textiles, architecture and handicrafts. The museum stands on a leafy traditional Lao compound – where a large traditional house stages the private museum. On the ground floor are traditional looms used over the last century, while the second floor features antique silk pieces made by different ethnic groups in Laos. The life in Laos and its history have been woven into the fabric, inspired by present and past weavers. Many fabrics on display are mostly ceremonial and have been made for all occasions – weddings, religious and shrouding events. Some of these priceless fabrics take many months to make, whilst others are quite old an delicate. Visitors would definitely enjoy the stories beyond the traditional looms, shuttles and yarns, further appreciating a textile before grabbing a piece or two at the retail space. Lessons on natural dyes and the process are also available for those who want to get down with the indigo process.

Ban Nongtha Tai (4 kilometres from Vientiane’s downtown), open daily from 9am to 4pm. Admission is 30,000 kip