This black traditional Thai teak house sits on stilts in a floating illusion that seems to exist in your surreal dreams. Black Ginger – an elaborate Thai restaurant at the Slate Phuket – is known for its dreamy and mysterious atmosphere, as well as its good mixture of Thai southern flavours served as exquisitely as the ambience.

Phuket-style fresh spring rools derived from a Hokkien recipe – is among the favourites, as well as Bua Thod – Phuket’s popular appetiser made from local leaves and spices. In case you want to delve deep into the local food repertoire, try their yellow fish curry and the equally fiery Khua Gling Moo, a southern-style stir-fry minced pork, also with southern curry. While all these intense flavours seem too daunting to enjoy with wine, the restaurant does provide a well-curated wine pairing experience, ensuring that even the spiciest curry in Thai cuisine goes well with a well-selected drink.

Open daily: 6.30 – 11pm, T: +66 (0) 76 327 006,