Ho Chi Minh | 12 May 2018

Think of India’s Holi festival, a 5k fun run and dance party mixed into one day for a “messy weekend” in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. La Vie Color Me Run is uncompetitive fun, and a most colourful running race. Runners start the event in white clothing, but by the end of it become a kaleidoscope of colours having run, danced and walked through different zones where they’re pelted with vivid corn starch-based powders. There will be no hard feelings of being a loser mingling in the air. The unclocked run has no winners or prizes, but runners are showered with coloured powder at stations along the way. At the ‘finish line,’ the runners become party-goers and are rewarded with a DJ-anchored dance.

colormerun.vn, runsociety.com