Cycling remains one of the best ways to truly soak in the sights and sounds of Cambodia. Each year, the CamNam Noble Challenge affords that opportunity to cycling enthusiasts via an epic 10-day trek through Cambodia and Vietnam. Despite the arduous and challenging journey, the event is for a good cause as it helps raise money for charity.

The cycling adventure takes participants from the iconic temple complex of Angkor Wat to Phnom Penh before the final leg to Ho Chi Minh. The itinerary, which covers over 400km, will take participants through some of Southeast Asia’s most stunning landscapes.

The CamNam Noble Challenge officially ends at the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation’s flagship project, the Center of Social Assistance for Disadvantaged Children. The money raised from this event will be channelled towards the charity, for the betterment of these young deserving children.

21-30 March,