The classic brewing method of traditional Thai coffee begins with a large kettle of boiling water, cloth filter bags that strain the brewed liquid, and a metal canister to hold the drink. With this setup, ground coffee gets pressed into a filter bag attached to an aluminium loop with handle. With a firm grip, the vendor pours boiling water on coffee grounds and waits for it to filter all the way through. To sweeten the rich, dark coffee – sugar, condensed milk, and evaporated milk serve as key options for both hot and iced old school coffee. This type of cart not only offers the aromatic traditional coffee and tea, but also other choices such as an iced pink milk for sweet enjoyment or Nom Yen (sala syrup mixed with condensed milk), or the more familiar cocoa drink or lime soda. Some vendors have modern equipment for espresso drinks thereby providing a longer drink menu. Expect your drink to be served classic style: in plastic tumblers encased in a bag with a handle for sipping enjoyment while commuting. At breakfast time, some places even offer warm toast with butter and sprinkled sugar in addition to coffee.