Lined with beautifully restored colonial shophouses, Duxton Hill makes for a very picturesque setting. Its unique architecture aside, this prominent neighbourhood has carved a reputation as an area that is both a feast for the eyes, as well as the stomach.

The area once known more for its KTV operations decades ago is now a renowned foodie destination – thanks to a number of quaint restaurants, bars and cafés that have set up shop in the neighbourhood. Catering to the tastebuds of Singapore’s young, hip crowd and omnipresent expat community, this delicious enclave serves up a wide variety of international flavours and refreshing beverages.

From fresh seafood to Spanish tapas as well as Mexican bites, being spoilt for choice is a requisite in Duxton Hill. Although there are too many to mention, some of the standouts in the area include the newly opened Brightside, for light bites and refreshments and French fine-dining establishment, Rhubarb Le Restaurant, which owns the distinction of a Michelin Star.

Duxton Hill, Singapore