Since the old days, riverine areas have been hailed as the melting pot of trade, culture, and lifestyle. An appreciation for such unique features and the desire to preserve a glorious past inspired the creation of Lhong 1919. A pier and its riverside stretch along the 6-rai (2.3 acres) land has warehouses transformed into a mix-use project that retains its former structure’s aesthetics and details of ancient Chinese heritage. While the site holds a contemporary function, its history ties in with the prosperity enjoyed during the golden age of Thai-Chinese commerce during the reign of King Rama IV. Apart from the chill vibes felt when one is next to the iconic Chao Phraya River, there’s also a wide selection of eateries and design stores to enjoy. Lhong 1919 is also recognised for a renovation that preserved the original structure. Chinese mural paintings, for instance, were given the gradual touch-up with colours that were closest to the original shades.

248 Chiang Mai Road, Khlong San, 1919