Koh Chang 

Travelling to an island doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick to beach activities all the time. Here in Koh Chang, there’s another tranquil activity available when you feel like taking a short break from the sea and sand. One of the popular options to consider to taking a boat and rowing along the mangroves. The trees grow in abundance in Koh Chang around Salak Khok Bay. Along quiet waters, visitors will be able to explore mangroves up close by kayak or a traditional wooden boat. This eco tour is operated by Baan Salak Khok Community Tour Club who know the area best. Feel what it’s like to float along the endless rows of mangroves and experience the way of life among the fisherfolks. These excursions also help the community earn extra money apart from their main livelihood as fishermen. So take a boat ride, reconnect with nature, and enjoy the serenity and amazing views.