Amid modern hotels, apartments, restaurants and the spectacular Dragon bridge, a glimpse of the communist past finds new life in a chic and stylish hangout along the Han waterfront. The moment you step into Công Caphe, a Communist-themed café and restaurant, you’re stunned by details of found objects and designs, as if it were a secret hideout. Founded by Vietnamese pop singer Linh Dung, the Communist kitsch décor and atmosphere are uniquely amazing and worth posting a holiday snapshot for your social media. Packed with young residents and tourists, this great little café serves up good coffee. It’s also worth making a beeline during Tet (the Vietnamese New Year) for a Coconut Coffee Smoothie, Yoghurt Coffee or Coffee with Coconut Milk. When your caffeine craving is satis ed later in the day, Công Caphe can be the best place to stay and watch the world go by with a beer or cocktail in hand in Vietnam’s fastest changing city. From the 2nd floor of the café, customers can see a fantastic view of the Han riverfront with boat commuting up and down the river. Come after the sun goes down, choose a seat, and spend the rest of your night peacefully., T: +84 91 181 11 66